Behind Closed Doors sounds like a story or novel. Sorry to disappoint you; it’s actually another discussion that I have been having with some of our regular customers. This blog is really a thoughtful one.

I was only inspired to write about this subject after being prompted by the death of my grandfather early this morning. It may appear black and white and even callous that I’m inspired by my grandfather’s death but you see that is my point. It is a whole new personal story where I won’t be going into detail now. I am of course saddened and I will still be smiling and be cheerful to customers as they walk through I doors but no one has a clue what’s happened behind our closed doors. That’s our choice and it will remain that way.

Getting back to the subject of our customer discussion. It started about the TV program-Three Girls. I personally have not seen this factual program, however, two of our customers have. How girls were tricked and groomed into the scandal of many deep illegal back street crimes. We were all saying how this continues even though this particular group had been caught and sentenced. Hundreds of the criminals still run free corrupting and ruining many young lives. The TV program has only touched the tip of the iceberg. It highlights that so much more goes on behind closed doors and so many teenagers and young adults have problems and nowhere to go.

As a Landlord and Landlady of The Canary and Linnet, we also hear many tales and problems. It is part of our job to listen and offer an ear. we do not advise and we do not break the confidentiality by discussing issues with other customers but it really stands out that none of us really know what goes on behind closed doors. We all think we know each other but we don’t. How many neighbours do we see and actually know in person? I went to the supermarket earlier and just stood still. How many of these people have just had a death in the family like me? How many are being abused? How many worried about finances and counting every penny whilst shopping? How many are criminals? How many…. the list is endless. Our pub is a great hub and a base for comfort. Boozy drink brings out a lot of emotions in people and thankfully Mark and I are able to listen, remain neutral and let people air their problems. We have heard several stories of what has happened to customers in the past, some sensitive and some sad.  I know it doesn’t solve problems or the humongous outside crime but just the thought of helping a tiny bit makes us realise that The Canary and Linnet is more than just a pub.



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