As promised, here is a blog about a day in the life of our chef Norman. Firstly just to point out, Norman hates the thought of me blogging about him but I thought customers ought to hear about Norman who’s name to many appears to be just that, a name.

chef chef chef

Behind scenes, Norman knows what to order and when and has the knack of knowing the quantities to order. He has taught Mark and me a thing or two.

He receives many lovely comments complimenting his scrummy dishes daily and the waiting staff and of course Mark and I always pass compliments on to him but otherwise, Norman is not known or seen and hides in his kitchen world. We try not to pass on too many compliments all at once though because his head gets too big. He takes a lot of banter but wow he can give it back.

When service starts that’s when he becomes serious, he has a certain look that says -no banter – no mucking around -I’m concentrating. There is a frown. That’s when we know he means business. We have the utmost most respect for Norman as I am sure he grows tentacles. Stirs a pot, directs Luke and asks him to get bits for him or do numerous starter plates or desserts, whilst knowing he is warming something up, garlic bread is grilling, chips, scampi and haddock are frying and not to mention two different types ¬†of steak cooking rare or well done. Oh soup needs stirring and the list goes on. This continues solid most evenings now for the 3 hours that we are open for food. He has on many occasion’s finished way past he contracted hours to ensure everyone in the restaurant has eaten and happy. As I said before, Mark and I only have admiration for Norman.

What’s also inspired me to write about Norman was after having a chat. I said I love his desserts and the same for customers. I can’t mention on here the exact words how two of our customers described but put it this way, they were very very happy. I already learnt that Norman does not like garlic or lemon. That already shocked me because his lemon meringue, lemon possets and lemon cheesecake are delicious. As for Garlic! he uses it in recipes but always knows the right amount to use but my biggest shock after our latest chat was that he does not like making desserts. Norman’s deserts are amazing and I thought they must be his speciality. He truly is a natural chef and really shows off his talent and skills which he has gained over his 30years experience.




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