Easter Fun in the garden-Back to Normal-Future Plans is a long title for a post but that is exactly right. We have had the build up to Easter, the Easter activities and holidays and now we are at a lull. Children have returned back to school and parents back to work, though some parents like myself and Mark obviously had to work. Easter seems ages ago and yet it hasn’t even been a week. Returning to work and school has made Easter rapidly disappear and now we reluctantly return back to normal. Thankfully we have some photos to look through that help us make those happy childhood memories that I mentioned in a previous blog and we can see the Easter Bunny in action. The children having fun with the Easter Hunt.

garden garden garden gardengarden

Future Plans

This is where we start to motivate ourselves and start creating future plans. We have the Psychic Evening to raise money for Tom’s Kickboxing. Details to follow on the events page. Lee Vasey appearing June, Father’s day and already going into thoughts and planning ideas for Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

We also have ideas of hog roasts or BBQ’s with open mic nights, sitting in the garden and bringing your own fold up chairs. The back garden is a perfect sanctuary away from the noise of the A47. Though we haven’t a play area for children at the moment, I have bought a few new toys so the children can kick around, play catch, hula hoop or even play boul. It has been lovely watching the children run around whilst waiting for their meal to be cooked or after whilst their parents sit back and enjoy a drink. We are proud of a large pretty garden so if it isn’t listening and watching children play it is a perfect oasis to sit and relax and listen and watch various birds.

As the weather is warming up, why not try it yourself? Have a drink then enjoy our garden. Even enjoy our meal then, sit and have a cup of coffee or a cool drink whilst you let dinner go down.

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