Friendly neighbours and a place to stay is the topic for my blog today. The reason I hear you ask?

This morning, I met a lovely couple, Alex and Julie who owns Greenbanks Hotel, just down the road. Since moving to Norfolk, Mark and I have been overwhelmed by how friendly the locals are and people as a whole are happy to help and advise. Of course, Mark and I listen and take most of what is suggested on board. Why not listen to advice and suggestions? A minefield of recommendations filtered but I think a top tip so far must be,’do not expect it all to happen overnight’ and ‘ it will take time’.

I’ve had a couple of our Kent/London friends ask for somewhere to stay. Being new to the area, Mark and I didn’t have a clue. We suggested Greenbanks Hotel because we had seen the sign as we passed to and from Dereham. It is two minutes away from our pub so appeared to be perfect.

Greenbanks Hotel

A couple of our close family friends from Kent plotted with me to surprise Mark with a visit. I got a message to say that they had booked with Greenbanks Hotel as they had seen us recommend it to another couple on Facebook.

I admit, we purely suggested Greenbanks Hotel due to locality, didn’t have a clue what was hidden behind the trees and bank. Our friends left their car in our carpark overnight after having a drink or two so I drove them to the hotel. After turning into the dark lane, I was greeted by what I can only describe as ¬†‘fairy tale’ buildings, gravel drive with gentle lighting highlighting the flowers and shrubs and converted barns. I was instantly curious. I wanted to see more. What was hidden behind the front barns?

I picked my friends up in the morning and they took me into peek in their room and was introduced to the owners Alex and Julie. A really lovely friendly couple. Alex was in the middle of tiling and drilling and making the never ending improvements but he was one of the friendliest and helpful people to help their ‘neighbour’. I could tell from his face that he was a little sceptical about us due to the previous history of the Canary and Linnet but after a long natter and a whole load of advice and tips, I hope I have put his mind to rest. I met Julie, his wife, again who was busy running around but Julie was also lovely and they both made me feel extremely welcome. Thank you, Alex and Julie, for taking your time to chat and make me feel welcome.

After taking a look at our friend’s accommodation and then meeting Jesse in reception, I was taken aback just how beautiful the grounds and interior is. Something for us to strive to for the Canary and Linnet-an inspiration. You can clearly see the hard work that it has taken to renovate the barns and grounds. Clean, fresh and modern interiors, swimming pool and jacuzzi,’fairy tale’ gardens and courtyard with the established fishing lakes. Just beautiful. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

I will most definitely be recommending Greenbanks Hotel to our family and friends who want to pop up to visit and of course anybody else who needs a place to stay.



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